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Interview as heard on Podcast Business News Group

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer.

I am a certified life and recovery coach.

I service clients who need grief counseling, have relationship

complications, suffer from addictions, which includes, sex, food, money, shoplifting and toxic people. I also coach at risk youth, and anyone that identifies in any aspect of the spectrum of gender fluidity and sexual identities. I’m an author, and I have self-help books available on my website. I am a motivational speaker and a lover of dogs. All breeds are amazing however, I am team Shih tzus! The qualities that I admire from my fur babies are their loyalty, that defines me! I provide a service that most people need, a loyal, nonjudgmental, empathetic Coach, to help navigate them through life’s chapters. It’s truly a journey!

How long have you been in business?

I have been a certified Life and Recovery Coach since 2013 and have been actively coaching and mentoring since that time.

Tell us about your business?

I love what I do because I am good at it, and I get a chance to help people with real issues, that are grateful for the time and energy that we share with each other. I began life coaching unofficially, before I became certified. I was the friend that everyone came to for advice and a nonjudgmental ear. Almost every situation I had a solution. People gravitate to me and share things that they are surprised they have revealed. I love humanity and I can empathize with pain on a higher level. One of my self-help books is called “How to survive the loss of a loved one- A caretaker’s journey.” I write about my experiences dealing with, caring for, and losing my loved ones, who suffered from Aids, Alzheimer’s disease, Cancer and Covid.

What inspired you to pursue your profession?

I manifested being a life coach while I was incarcerated. I knew that coping with my experiences after losing my mom at the age of 16, when she died from the AIDS Virus at 36, and losing myself in the underworld, ultimately gave me great insights. I overcame addiction, violence, anger, domestic abuse, shoplifting and postpartum depression.

I went through a range of debilitating situations in my life, which only made me stronger and wiser. Some people didn’t make it that have been in my shoes, and I grieve for them. Whether it was toxic behaviors, addictions, rage, loss or abandonment I was able to overcome. I believe that it is my duty to coach and supply solutions to others. Sometimes the answers hide inside of you and all it takes is a good session to reveal your truths!.

What would you like the listeners to know about you?

If I could change my life and use my failures as steppingstones for success, anyone can. Don’t ever give up! There is always a chance to recover, reset and restore! Contact Coach Coco if you need me, I really care!


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