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How to Survive Incarceration from a Woman's Perspective

How to Survive Incarceration from a Woman's Perspective

This book helps the reader understand the psyche of the women who walk through the stark, cold hallways of prisons across the country. It not only details the day-to-day operations, but guides anyone, caught in that unfortunate situation, on how to navigate and survive. 


This Author sent a war-cry to every person, group, organization and movement, that have empathy for females who have been vacuumed into the abyss labelled PRISON. Coach Coco did a marvelous job of interviewing the women in real time, who were facing convictions for various charges.


These Women are prisoners who have been condemned to psychological defeat which may ultimately lead to their deaths. They are considered pariahs, outcasts, criminals and a scourge upon society.  Yet, these same women are mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and every other aspect that keep the human family glued together.


Most of these Ladies are in prison because of their misinterpretation of the word "LOVE", someone came into their lives and interrupted their growth, which caused there psychological development to be arrested, way before they were placed in handcuffs and behind hard cold bars.


The perspective of the incarcerated woman will determine whether a society is worthy of upholding the title of Humanitarian, because every society value is measured by the progress, or regress of their most important providers, which are their woman.


We cannot act like incarceration from a woman's perspective is insignificant, because woman, by their very nature, possess the ability to explain in the deepest detail, what incarceration does to the spirit and soul of living beings. Allow yourself to engage and become a potential helper to these voices who are reaching out to be heard.

If a woman finds herself involved in the criminal justice system and needs a source of inspiration this is the book!














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