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My Fur baby saved me...

Oviously I love me some dogs. I prefer them over humans because of the pureness of their love, no hidden agendas, love, loyalty and devotion, 

That is what fuels me, I am a shih tzu mom. 

I love the unspoken communication; it is almost telepathic. My baby knows that I am going to fulfill her needs purely off of repetition. We have an unspoken agreement. Come home, feed me. Before you leave, feed me. While you work pet me, and give me a treat, so I will leave you alone!..says Gabby my dogter. 

Oh and this furball in the picture is Charlie my nephew. Gabs is the other adorable pup posed up in the other pics. 

I will have more to say stay tuned..Oh and of course, if you need to talk, vent, be heard, validated and reassured book me for a session. Let's begin our journey together. 

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